Our Field Location

Our club field is located 1.5 km South off Hwy 3a on Nicks Island Road.

  • You will turn south at Skyway Auto Repair.
  • The field is 1.5 km from there on the right hand side of the road.
  • Once you go through the gate, follow the tracks to get to the other side of the field where the flightline and pit area is.

Please close the outer gate behind you when you enter and exit.

R/C Pilots

Our field is a charted MAAC R/C flying field, therefore every person that flies here must be a club member or a guest of a member and have a valid MAAC membership.

Currently, due to the loss of the MAAC Exemption for Recreational Radio Controlled, (R/C), Aircraft with Transport Canada, all R/C aircraft are now considered RPAS, (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems), and R/C pilots are now currently required to fly under RPAS rules. Meaning, in order to fly at our site, pilots will be required to have either their Basic RPAS Drone License, or an Advanced RPAS Drone License. Your aircraft will also need to be registered at Transport Canada as a RPAS, or Drone. For more information, see our RPAS License Guide.

For more information about becoming a club member please click the Membership tab above or email us at info@crestonvalleyrc.ca


Visitors are welcome to drop in if you see someone out in the field flying.

For everyone's safety: If spectating please stay behind the flightline at all times. Please respect our property, do not handle R/C equipment or models without permission from the respective Pilot/Operator.

Note: There are often live cattle grazing within the surrounding field. As such, the gate at the main entrance must be kept closed at all times. Alway close the gate securely after you enter or leave the field. Thank you.

R/C Models

Models flown at our field include Airplanes (Scale/Sport/Aerobatic and others), Gliders, Helicopters, Multi-Rotors, and occasionally Rockets.


To learn more about our Membership and joining Creston Valley RC Club, Click Here

CVRC Events

No current Events planned, for more Events within the Interior BC, please see the MAAC Zone C Event page.

Creston Valley RC IMAC Competition!

Date: June 11-12, 2022

More info: Events


The 2022 Creston Valley RC IMAC Event was successful! Despite threatening weather we managed to complete the competition. For more info, Click Here.


Our flying season officially starts in April but, weather and field conditions permitting, some of us may be out at the flying field earlier.

Please come on out, even if you're not an RC Hobbyist, but would like to see some fantastic model aviation in action, we're happy to have you over!

Alternatively, if you are a RC Hobby enthusiast and would like to fly at our excellent field, memberships are available starting April. To join, visit our Membership Page


Enjoy our permanent shade structure at the field for everyone to use. Creston summers can get toasty, so enjoy a little shade to help alleviate the heat!

MAAC Events

Here is a list of upcoming MAAC events in our Zone C area. Please check in advance in for cancellations due to the Corona Virus.
Zone C Events

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