Who to contact

If you would like to join the club or want more information please email: info@crestonvalleyrc.ca

You can also find
us on Facebook:


All RC pilots at our field are required to have a valid membership and also required to have a valid MAAC membership. Please note even youth need their MAAC membership.

Dues are as follows:

Adults: $60.00 per year.
Under 18 Y/O: $5.00 per year.

Dues can now be paid via e-transfer to crestonvalleyrc@gmail.com

These prices do not include the MAAC membership. You must join MAAC from the MAAC Official Web Site.

What is MAAC?

The MAAC membership provides you with third party insurance which is very important. While these models may seem like toys they can cause a lot of damage if you loose control and hit something or someone, even up to being fatal. This insurance protects you if something like that happens as long as your membership is up to date.

Even if you don't fly at our field, having MAAC is still something every RC modeler should have if they are flying anything larger than micros.

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